Ramayana Ballet, Drama in Typical Javanese Dance

Ramayana Ballet - Javanese Dance
Ramayana Ballet is the performing arts are wonderful, amazing and difficult unrivaled. This performance is able to unite various Javanese arts such as dance, drama and music on one stage and one momentum to present the Ramayana story, a legendary epos written by Valmiki in Sanskrit. Ramayana story that brought on this show is similar to that engraved on Prambanan temple. Like a lot of legend, Ramayana story carved on the Hindu temple similar to the story in oral tradition in India.

Roads are long and suspenseful story was summarized in four plays or act, the abduction of Sinta, Anoman mission to Lanka, Ravana’s death or Kumbhakarna, and the founding Sinta. All the stories presented in a series of dance movements presented by the beautiful dancers, accompanied by gamelan music. You are invited to actually dissolve in the story and observe each movement of the dancers to know the story. There’s no spoken dialogue of the dancers, the only speaker was Sinden who describes the story through the songs in the Java language with a distinctive voice.

Ramayana Ballet - Javanese Dance
You will not be disappointed if this excellent performance because not only dance and music are being prepared. Lighting prepared in such a way that not only become a mute rays, but able to describe certain events in the story. So did her makeup on each dancer, not only beautify but also able to describe the character played by character so the audience can easily recognize even though there was no dialogue. Also, you will see not only dance but also interesting acts such as fireball game and agility acrobat dancers. Captivating game fireball that could be found when Hanuman which was originally going to be burned alive just managed to burn Ravana’s kingdom Alengkadiraja. While the stunt could be found when Hanuman fought with the followers of Ravana. Games flame to burn away when Shinta was also interesting to watch.

In Yogyakarta, there are two places to watch the Ramayana Ballet. First, in Purawisata Yogyakarta is located at Jalan Brig Katamso, east of Yogyakarta Kingdom. In a place that has broken Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) in 2002 after a staged ballet every day without fail for 25 years, you’ll get the dinner package at once to see ballet. Another place to watch is in Prambanan Temple, the place of the original Ramayana story carved on temple reliefs.